• What is Hacker Prep?

    The term hacker is traditionally defined as "one who enjoys exploring the details of a system, stretching its capabilities, and understanding its inner workings in great detail." At it's core, hacking is a pure effort to understand these systems, not just exploit their weaknesses as the popular understanding suggests (known as "cracking.") True hacking represents a pure, modern form of learning for learning sake; to intimately understand a concept and push it to its limits.

    As tech hacking become a cultural norm, three graduates of Columbia University began to develop a learning method that will allow for any child to thrive as our economy shifts toward opportunities in technology. Building off of the values that (1) imagination is central to one's propensity to learn, (2) math, science and engineering skills are best mastered when presented in a social context, and (3) education is most beneficial when students are positioned to sculpt their own learning experience.

    Hacker Prep's mission is to prepare youths for successful careers in the 21st century by focusing college readiness on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and design with training delivered through events, services and products.

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  • What We Do

    • Events

      Hacker Prep gathers the leading innovators in STEM and design for hands-on small scale fairs that allow youth to explore and experiment with their interests in the field.

      We believe that through frequent, unrestricted interaction with activities ranging from game design to robotics, kids can better navigate their learning style and passion for math and science.

      By hosting pop up science fairs, we leverage the Reggio learning style to introduce students to innovation and help them to navigate their interests outside of the classroom.

    • Services

      Hacker Prep provides individualized college prep for youth, beginning in the 4th and 5th grades, designed by alumni of Columbia University, who include Ph.D.s in education, that combine traditional language and math tutelage with coaching on how to code, design apps and how to observe the arts.

      As the competition to achieve increases, we have developed learning plans that connect the common learning experiences of thought-leaders like Leonardo di Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Nelson Mandela with the base skills needed to excel in today's economy.

      With our philosophy that every child has the potential to be great, our educational team engages youth in developing the discipline, curiosity, and vision needed to be an academic success.

    • Products

      Hacker Prep builds custom learning apps to help drive the academic success of K through 12 students with a focus on developing learning capacities for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

      As youth progressively learn via modern technological tools and interfaces, Hacker Prep enables families to customize the rate of a child's education to his or her needs, while also preparing the child to learn to navigate his or her own learning experience.

  • Meet the Team

    • Jenna Bond

      Team Member Photo: Jenna Bond

      Jenna spent four and a half years at the William J. Clinton Foundation, where she launched the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund at age 22, later serving two years on the former president’s writing team. Outside of work, she served on Harvard’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute’s Pipeline Crisis/Winning Strategies Initiative for young black males. Jenna is a recipient of the 2008 NYU Wagner Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service.

      She has demonstrated her passion for supporting youth as a mentor with Minds Matter of New York and College Summit. An active alumna of Wellesley College and M.B.A. graduate of Columbia Business School, her focus is on organizing and supporting the leadership needed to help communities thrive. Most recently, Jenna was named to the HelloBeautiful.com 25 Women to Watch in 2012.

    • Ronah Harris

      Team Member Photo: Jenna Bond

      Ronah was an educational consultant for Sesame Workshop before founding Play Pattern in 2008. She has taught, written, advised, and conducted evaluation research for Two Emmy award winning educational television shows, websites, interactive games, mobile and online-learning and toys.

      Ronah has taught at Teachers College, Columbia University, lectured around the world, published and advised numerous New York City independent and public schools for over 10 years. She received her BA from Eugene Lang College/The New School, MSEd from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently completing her EdD at Teachers College, Columbia University in Mathematics, Science and Technology in Education.

    • Ra Williams

      Team Member Photo: Jenna Bond

      Ra Williams is a game and web developer who has worked on several projects for Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV. In games, he's worked on titles for the Nickelodeon original franchises, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Madagscar. As a web developer, he has produced and directed Bored.com and Bubblebox.com; gaming websites for children and young adults garnering over 7 million monthly visits worldwide.

      Ra is passionate about youth tech and education, guest lecturing at NYU and K-12 programs on development, audio design, and game production. Currently, he's Executive Director and Principal Designer of RWD, a cutting edge creative design firm delivering innovative solutions for startups, restaurants, and small businesses. Current partnerships include Open Table®, a premier digital pioneer for restaurants across the globe. He recieved his B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University and moonlights as a billboard charting record producer.

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